We are based in beautiful Bournemouth, in the county of Dorset. We do not have a retail outlet in Bournemouth, we prefer to bring our products to you, keeping our prices very competitive. We travel Country wide; attending many shows and markets. Our regular areas where we attend weekly markets are Hampshire and Wiltshire.

We source local English timbers such as oak, beech, elm and ash. We then create chopping boards and serving platters to sell to our valued customers. All of our wood is sourced as locally as possible, and is sustainable.

The other element of Woodworks is our roll as importers. We import wooden products and then hand finish them in our workshop in Bournemouth. We travel to Indonesia, meet the skilled craftsmen and women, and fairly trade with them. We only buy sustainable wood products, and have all the relevant certification to prove this on request.

We then, travel to shows and markets around the UK, to showcase our beautiful rustic and unique products.

It is always a good idea to check where we are next, on our events page.

Darrell Pike and Kerry Howard


After many years of us both being self employed; Darrell in the building trade, and myself in the world of social work and accounts; we both decided it was time to combine our skillset and embark on a business adventure together.

Darrell has an amazing knowledge of types of timber and wood; and the finishing skills to create high quality, unique works of art. I too, get involved with some of the finishing, and also concentrate on the accounts and marketing side of Woodworks.

Due to these skills, we are able to source local English timbers such as oak, beech, elm and ash, enabling us to create chopping boards and serving platters. All of our wood is sourced as locally as possible, and is sustainable.

Another part of our business is based on our high drive and motivation. We started buying some hand carved Indonesian products from suppliers in the UK. However, we decided to travel to Indonesia, meet the highly skilled craftsmen and women that hand carve our goods; and bring it back to England to share with our customers.  

This enables us to honestly and openly impart our knowledge to our customers about the origin and sustainability of all of our wooden products. We, and you, can rest assured that all our products have been fairly and ethically traded. In most instances, we know the individual craftsperson that created your product.

You will find us at an event near you; and it's a good idea to check our events page regularly to see where we are.

We are based in Bournemouth, Dorset. We do not own a shop, so pride ourselves on our competitiveness in comparison to high street store prices. We would rather bring our beautiful rustic products to a venue in your local area. This obviously keeps us very busy, but we like it like that, as it allows you, our valued customers, to enjoy high quality at an affordable price.

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